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Overunity generator guide pdf industry to exploit the sun, wind and geothermal energy. "paired elephants inside the generators" going furiously to. Let’s not forget that emery was in a suspicious head-on collision that totaled his last worldly possession — his range rover — just a few months before his dog raven was abducted and he ended up in the er. In the new phenomenon of space power generation. • true inventors study some archive documents and build overunity devices, probably based on the works of nikola tesla. Ultimately sells them only promotional information which gives no real data. I dont think it will ever be possible to create a perpetual motion device. You have generated with these multiple of rotations of many small pulleys,. These are the straightforward tips on how to build a generator.

Overunity Generator
Overunity Generator

If you expect to get huge savings (like thousands of dollars each month), then the overunity generator guide might not be for you. For real-world calculations, the lines of force referred to below would be magnetic flux density, amperes/volts, and conversions between them. Mills, a harvard trained medical doctor, who developed this generator and the physical theory behind it, will be remembered throughout the remainder of human history as the single greatest being to ever have lived. Give me your contact information. With such an invention, the power grid becomes obsolete.   so if anyone claims that the nassikas thruster can’t possibly work because it violates “known laws of physics”, they are standing on relatively thin ice. As we can see from the photograph, the energy at night is much more pronounced near the equator. It’s roots are in my popular book.

Overunity Generator
Overunity Generator

It is often deposited in run-off streams from. He grossly underestimated the effect. But i still don't think it validates searl's claims of power generation or antigravity. Of one centimeter circumference with ac generators attached to each pulley . Than normal operation efficiency, and even over-unity operation. Independent confirmation: the tewari letter provided. A solar generator can benefit from home in many ways. As is typical with cold fusion experiments, his.

Overunity Generator
Overunity Generator

These affiliate websites run the scammer's ads, and. Well fear not, the [not] donald trump approved sweary business buzzword generator is here to help. Then i watched when the government people were testing the first radar across the potomac river — it stuck in my mind when one of the men explained it as ‘pulse out, pulse back’. Also included is the archival footage from the celebrated 1984 “town hall meeting” with bill jenkins, in which john springs this technology on an unsuspecting world. I don’t remember what the thing was called, but it was some kind of surveillance or intelligence gathering drone. For all the electricity generation by generators commonly. Uranium and other radioactive elements into the environment of half the earth. In communication with him to furnish acceptable physical proof of his claims, he was not only not cooperative, but down right hostile and belligerant for being.

So here jerry this is what is going to happen. Inthe cases of tesla and hubbard, the initialising particles needed for the multiplication process were coming fromradium rather than beta-nuclear magnetic resonance. Age of cheap clean energy for everyone. The speed of the revolving disks is about 50 to 60 rpm limited. Transformer with large magnets attached… yet it has been.

He also says that the device vibrated when in use although it contained no moving parts and there was no electronic circuitry used. 1- a wire is settle into a moving magnet system, between two opposite poles: north and south. I think there is a use for springs for powering rotary applications. Overunity generator guide is the simple device that produces unlimited energy to save the money and life from the greedy industry and also beneficiary for any crisis to power up the place to survive. He never actually built his idea in full form as he did lonely and penniless in a new york hotel room, but he did leave behind detailed plans and diagrams, calling his energy-harnessing machine the tesla generator. I believe in this and i want to be part of the distribution of this awesome technology to the people. Is formed as inner stator, which is rotor regarding the. I consider a privilege to find a magnetic power generator that does not depend on any other source of electricity. He is not only convinced these magnetic generators do work but that he has been designing one himself not knowing all the other peeps out there doing it too. I used clear packing tape so i wonder if i used something less crinkly if it would be.

Changes in these fields have also been shown to affect our brain waves, heart rhythms, memory, athletics performance, and overall health. Iesi owns several patents related to its. Drawbacks of overunity generator guide. Lots of people have looked at this type of design and some have made fairly good observations. It has to do with their sizing for the testicles; their testicle sizing is one size too small for me. The state government has since been looking for more ways—particularly through renewables—to address its energy woes after an "unprecedented" storm caused a state-wide blackout in 2016. No offence or bad vibes against the kapagen, not to be misunderstood.   like neo in the movie matrix realizing that the physical world he was familiar with is actually just a computer generated illusion, “the matrix”, and that the real world lay beyond, but hidden from direct view, we too must make a similar shift of perspective.

The main motivation of this gadget is that everyone must be free on the tool account. The core he uses (a 'cork-like material' according to one witness) seems to be only a form to hold the coils in shape. In my opinion, in the green box generator the big copper tube is second primary. There are several different classes that cover. This is why i want to get it out in the market fast,,,. The tewari reactionless generator (rlg) is now profiled in a new movie that was released last year in austria. If we consider using lenght instead of turns we might have different resonating frequency, why.

By no means can you get. Dc powered scales becomes the terrific remedy as it promotes overunity generator guide portability. The extracted energy from the vacuum is in the form of. You find the important points and some remarks. But on the intense side, scientists have found out that renewable energies ready to generate electricity for free.

Opposite faced permanent artificial horseshoe magnets (made by two cylindical. Benitez says the kinds rectifiers do not make much difference in the system, but i am still trying to evaluate if they are additive to these systems over our present diodes.  the rate of genic energy generation production in photons traveling in the earth’s vicinity is so slow that one must allow a test signal to travel many astronomical units of distance before a frequency shift large enough can be detected.  it’s time to destroy the new world order plans with free energy. Wolfgang ketterle, a professor of physics at mit, said blp’s claims are “nonsense” and that “there is no state of hydrogen lower than the ground state”. Hey that might have been the only way they could sell this as a "super efficient generator". When we tried to obtain the body for evidence the next day, we discovered it had been incinerated — again without our permission.

The engineering challenge of converting or extracting zero-point energy for useful work is, at the turn of this century, plagued by ignorance, prejudice and disbelief. Generation, heat generating and waste heat recovery. This guide is to help those who have average skills with average tools to build this extraordinary device for themselves. As can be seen from the results, there was a net decrease in inductance when the two magnets on the rotor were facing the toroid. Impossible to ignore any longer this matter of a possible alternative,. The car that buyers have been waiting decades [for] comes from an unexpected source and runs on soybean bio-diesel fuel to boot.

She sees; no more, no less. It was suggested that perhaps the hendershot engine was "stealing" power from some big radio broadcasting station. Moray’s oscillator tubes (magnetron transducers) utilized this high-voltage energy to generate an internal secondary “cold” fusion reaction. Tewari was successful in eliminating the back torque of the generator. (diameters 1-2 mm) drilled in a plate made from the dielectric. He is very probably wrong. I'll wait for the video. The michelson-morley experiment was first done in 1887 at what is now the western reserve university in cleveland, oh. Scalar potential were really a scalar entity, then when one set it.

Space-time continuum is very energetic, including energy fields. If he did chop the rotor and add perm magnets, he'd only need the 2 poles noted, one on either side at 180degree offset perhaps. Designed several new inventions in the field of quantum energy. I was the first to discover these rays and i naturally feel toward them as i would toward my own flesh and blood. Intellectual property is based on the research in the field of. And now it escalates dramatically with false flag upon false flag. Person could raise more capital without borrowing it from a bank, this centralized.

Looking through the torsion spring catalog from century spring the highest spring rate i could find was 14. Of course, as a firm believer in science, i remain skeptical of the possibility of perpetual motion and free energy machines. As far as the us goes, i just live here. Their hesitancy comes down to 11 different myths about the internet--misunderstandings that are "unfortunately perpetuated by the natural tendencies of small business owners," says kitch. In fact, a prototype of the machine was tested by kirloskar electric, a manufacturer of electrical generators in india. But for that moment, when the arc of electricity leaps like lightning, like a death ray, when my chest grows tight, it is real.

Here’s a north american example. A coil in the magnetic circuit connected with a impedance. So, i submit to you the strong possibility that a local anaesthetic may have to be administered. I hope not missing something. In the middle of the magnet stacks in the large. He has had a broad area of education in chinese philosophy and spiritualism, in addition to learning about traditional physics. Why have we not seen a single creditable example of this electrogravitic technology.

Tad wise — when morgan pulled his support, he not only ended tesla's. Well worth a watch if your bored. But, why it does not work for the homopolar generator arrangement. The guide of the overunity generator is available in the digital format. To marinov the effect is due to the phase shifting big coil. By using magnetic energy generators you conserve power and lower electricity costs. And his basic theories and ideas for larger projects and applications.

I know that devices with cop > 1 are a reality. Receive your own posts option. Htm – instruction of hendershot coil. Becker validated this time and again for wounds. It is using the permanent magnetic field of the magnets to generate the force moving the rotor. Patent office frowns on this kind of thing, and required the longest patent investigation in modern times to award the patent. Pollution free enerex unit runs on tap water alone and can generate. This turns the ordinary energy circle into a free energy generator and generates some amount of the free electricity.

Exist for any such regauging under the gauge freedom axiom. There are basically 3 safe ways to make and use it. I know mark e has described it more succinctly, as have bill and a few others, but it doesn’t seem to get through.

Overunity Generator Plans

In the comments section of my previous post on the subject i gave some technical information of what is needed to build the main part of kapanadze’s generator – his controller. Since any real machine will have at. My high school chemistry teacher told us there are three laws of.  what has been done is unstoppable. Used, which can be registered in technical designs,. This was given to us way back in ezekiel’s time, yet evil spirits have.

400 to 1 rotation multiplication = major amounts of ac electricity. It is a mere question of time when men will succeed in attaching their machinery to the very wheelwork of nature. I think that the principle under hogan and jakovlewich generator is the same as in one of the clemente figuera´s patent. There are many advantages to using a magnets motor overunity generator plans science and technology. Consists of the group of deluded inventors and out right charlatans and con. Was it a stereo head phone jack you hooked to.  its ability to serve as a framework for understanding over-unity devices emerges as a bonus. ) patent issued for a motor and generator / alternator feedback loop combination that continuously produces excess energy. Check it out from what i see it is ready for use and fully working. A couple of points: zahn didn't say he saw extra energy come out of this thing, all he said was that it seemed to be an 'unusual phenomenon.

He taught mechanical engineering at the university level and now has more than thirty years of experience in the public utility and energy business which included managing multibillion-dollar projects. Would not be there if i had one of. I was able to make contact finally with the one partner in may. We burn a basic principles of overunity electromagnetic machines coal to heat the water in a boiler to form the steam to power the turbine to rotate the generator’s shaft. Many sites allow you to download plans for a magnets motor overunity generator plans and get free videos instruction guide and ebook manual to build one. Overunity generator guide review plans complaints book does it work youtube generator ebook hoax is it an overunity generator team video pdf blueprints smart junction combiner reviews battery box with solar charge controller log free download results members area how to use customer comments success stories testimonials.

There are quite a few things that might be possible in the back shed with low finance – just don’t waste time on the impossible ones. Magnets of the outside stator preferably lie in a plane,. Either open source tech and bring these crooks to their feet, or join the party and play along their rules.

Overunity Generator Review

Dipole magnets of the outside stator exhibit a rod-shaped. The local active curvatures of spacetime, and (iii) the local active. When the motor of the pump is turned on to off. Overunity generator guide review- is it scam. Full review of overunity generator guide. It will further push along the fact that our attitudes, emotions, and intentions actually matter, a lot, and that these factors within the realm of non-material science can affect all life on earth. He may well have gone on to see a greater reduction in the following months, but this is the reduction i recommend you expect from your own unit. Out an application to register their own. Knowhow for free electricity using magnets has been with us.

The gases (potential/chemical energy due to the nature of the elements involved) are burned and supply more energy than if they were not introduced into the combustion chamber to be burned. The day that someone delivers what magniwork. We use earth electrons and must return them to earth after suing through live wire and return them by ground wire. Our numeric results are periodic. Circuitry, and rerouted that collapsing field voltage to charge. The fix the world organization has reproduced teslas design with a few modern twists to generate the same results. , who watched a test of the motor about a year ago. Potential to examine a new situation in the end gap.

Since then, the original article has gathered a couple of comments which perhaps deserve a reply. Delayed by sarfatti's thick-headedness since i started bringing. We should refer to the good work of martin tajmar as an example of science starting to catch up with seg technology finally regarding modification of gravity. The only way that will change is for a huge boot to be. Second force operating to postpone the public availability of free energy.

For those, making ‘bigger’ motors, this can be remedied using a power transistor that is driven by the reed switch. Imo the flame generated provides more energy and this impression was later confirmed with john kanzius himself without exact cop numbers given. Com through looking at this overunity generator guide review.

Overunity Generator Guide Review

Alternative energy studies are abandoned by the scientific. The most common jibe that skeptics throw out is the lack of working models. It is understood that the pandulum has been previously thrown. You know are likely not to be able to ship for some time. As mills points out, the production of such a high power densities is a contraindication of any sort of chemical reaction.

Your ac or dc motor/generators. Important: when you're done making the changes you want, scroll all the way to the bottom of the. The home heat pump thus has two "energy. You replied to a digest, and left the entire digest on the end of your message. [i have been tricked by that before]. That is why i pursued the further development of this idea.

But i never check it because of that. There is a long story. Overunity generator guide review – does  overunity generator team’s overunity generator guide really work. Spheres are catapulted into the same trajectory, one rotating and one. Bharat, however, thousands of years ago, proclaimed that.

 here again, we find that when properly deployed, electric and gravitational fields can be made to generate enormous energy outputs. Very easy to make and you don’t need to be a professional or a graduate to make your own. Drawbacks include mechanical friction and electrical losses, the. They require building power, overunity generator guide reviews greenhouse gas contamination. Energy added to the motion of the rotating object. Which consists of three components: (i) the physical electrical. Overunity generator guide review-is this scam. The problem: detail the functioning of the motionless electromagnetic generator (meg) {1} and why its cop > 1. You can feel it everywhere you go.

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Of knowledge is not wrong, but it is incomplete, and therefore allows. We will then want to explore the different unique benitez processes and seek to exploit and enlarge upon them. Higher depending on wire length  & voltage before it over. We close this entry with a quotation :. If you don't like the evdl's policies, try somewhere else. Star trek:  “i can’t change the laws of physics. This energy will work to feed a lever system which will work to tilt the device again and again.

The chestahedron may symbolize the transmutative ether (quintessence) and may be a rosetta stone/cypher used by the ancients to construct their creation science. I should have them by the end of the week or so. It is known that, a high speaker is a coils and a magnetic ring. ) — hence earth electron captor generator. Of the claimed excess heat and nuclear products in this work.

Circumference large pulley does not cost 100 times the amount of electricity to. The rpm controll is also problematic in this kind of motor. The engine exists in spacetime as curvature(s) of spacetime, whether or not it is interacting with mass. There is evidence that cold fusion technology is secretly used by our governments in "anti-gravitation" secret space programs. With a magnetic energy generator you save power and lower electricity costs.

But it includes a high cost, and it may take some time before you save. We can imagine, that quantum fluctuations of vacuum are shaking with helium atoms and they’re prohibiting them in their arranging into crystal. We had to smash the windows out of our homes and brick them up for inspection. Overunity generator guide review magnetic generators are easy to install. Free energy "everywhere" and in everything.

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I was thinking that this concept could be used to build a wind-up motor (like that found in a victrola) only on a large scale. You may be surprised how you can save your electric bill using an external network system to run your home, even if you are more interested in one or the other. The best most efficient build magnets motor overunity generator plans can be found at our site with step-by-step construction diagrams to follow. His space vortex theory, more fully developed in his 1984 book, beyond. Power efficiency guide program has an unconditional 60-day unconditional promise, so try this free and speculative free product now. No fire, no dangerous gases, and no fire. The second law states that you never can put heat energy for 100% into a other form of energy, you will always have a increase of entropy that means you never get the same temperature difference back where you started with. Extremely easy to assemble:since the whole package comes along with step by step video guide along with diagrams to make it more easy to understand and assemble, the “overunity generator guide” is effortless to compile. Some are utterly amazing and you throw them away and replace it with a neon, a 2n3055 and a potentiometer then call it progress - shame on you. Scientifically proven concepts in the following books and not accept the.

I think with jln info plus all the upper info , everybody can replicate. Am i right in guessing that the people behind this have bought their own lies. Check out the diagram below and understand the complexities of an overunity motor generator. As a consequence the torque. A permanent magnetic generator is a good source of eco-friendly energy. Thin film cells have a lower exchange rate than crystalline silicon cells, which are most suitable for large systems but are not the main factor or price (eg factories). The system used barium ferrite permanent magnets whose. And that is exactly what it has achieved here. 24 inches was recorded in ellsworth the following morning.

So if want a shit load of power then you need a lot of shit or poop from the septic system. I stand by what i said in the newsletter. Easily construct a 1kw generator powered with this magnet motor. A better device for small voltage zpe fluctuations that don't like to jump big. You may find find the latest testatika diagram from nelson camus in the "net-. Motionless electromagnetic generator (meg) is a very interesting and.

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In a tiny room in a bombay suburb, an electrical engineer works. Unfortunately this is not what we would expect. Dr greer is still appearing in documentary's appealing for others to help get this information out to the public. The laws of thermodynamics only apply to closed systems, and not every natural system is closed. The way the mcfarland coils are wired is intended to create a stable point, or equilibrium point, at a high flux / current condition, where both coils produce the same polarity magnetic field. If karpen was right, and the principle is 100% correct, his pile would revolutionize all of the physics theories from the bottom up, with hard to imagine consequences.   this is a phenomenon whose explanation lies outside of standard physics since standard theory maintains that there are no orbital states in hydrogen below the bohr orbit ground state. We then place a ring of said electromagnets (red) around the outside edge of the range of the arm. It really just appeared out of nowhere.

– a force is just the coupling of the simplest engine to mass, with mass-translating orientation. Cyber bullies have become so aggressive that we had to dedicate a. Electric currents are generated by cutting magnetic lines of force with a conductor. If it hasn't heard back from you at the end of that time, it'll assume that you've probably abandoned. Trombly's worked, an depalma's almost. So my opinion is that we could much more than a radiant energy charger from such a self-oscillating trifilar circuit, and may be bedini still keeping some secrets for himself, waiting to see if somebody is smart enough to find them …. I recently wrote about one regarding one person’s experience at brown mountain, north carolina.

In this patent a single moving wire crosses between two opposite magnet poles. This is very similar to the bedini spike capture technology in principle. 1cm circumference, each one having an ac generator attached. Some of the main benefits or advantages associated with the overunity generator include:. The coils convert again for ac and reads the cap.

The easiest way to decrease the.

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All available from the association of distinguished american. Looks like is they have married a magneticgenerator type device to an efficient generator and built a. I am a mechanical engineer living in alberta, canada. Open source plans for an over unity generator that will provide enough energy to power a household. As soon as the assembly ends, you have to keep the roof or safe, and you need to be insufficient sunlight to provide the required power.

For example, when all the stars in the universe eventually burn out, there will be no pe, and with no pe there can be no ke, and with no ke then no motion, zero degrees kelvin, and just nothingness. “there is another way, whether it’s wormholes or warping space, there’s got to be a way to generate energy so that you can pull it out of the vacuum,. Out when they wouldn't agree to manufacture his motor for the. This motor is the key to high speed for lower power. Material as i am able. Vars = volt-amps reactive and is the product of ac voltage present in a. I would just like to be off grid completely. Field has an electrical current induced in it by that motion, or. This huge expression of energy had nothing to do with the energy of his hand’s relatively slow motion.

(please see “what it’s like trying to build a free energy generator in an underdeveloped country” , qeg development update may 10th. Bearden claimed that it didn't violate the first law of thermodynamics because it extracted vacuum energy from the immediate environment. The discovery team then discussed the explosion in a june 22 article in the popular weekly science magazine new scientist. The health benefits and mental clarity i experienced after just two weeks of practicing it were astounding, and i have continued practicing for the last 4 months. Which is all very specific on how much electricity it uses, how much light it generates; and how much you will save.

Had no business being there. Instead of just the customary sarfatti psyops response of. By the media while other legitimate and serious alternative energy.

Overunity Generator

All of this happened before the internet, and since the experimental results were disappointing, no final report was ever produced. Are crescent-shaped masses which are arranged in an excentric way. The useful operating system helps save up to 50% of your cost. If eric and randi cannot build a bedini device, then they are in no way a genuine authority on the science involved, and are deluding themselves and the people who take them seriously. Check out the overunity generator program today. In a prefered embodiment of the.

So don’t miss to use this overunity generator guide. Behaviour with an efficiency of around 135%. One of them is the fan, which is a. The evdl listserver hopes that sometime during the month that it keeps trying, you'll delete some. In terms of the green schemes, they do have a cost but it is a relatively small cost," he said. A district court judge appointed a special master to study newman's prototype. He has all power there inside.

As a part-time garage experimenter, i’ve always been fascinated by the concept of perpetual motion and overunity (getting more power out than you put in). Once you start using this overunity generator guide, you can safely build the simple and powerful device at home to get cost-free of energy without paying a single penny from your pocket. There are also magnets that are organized near the bottom perimeter. To buy overunity generator guide discount ebook pdf download, be sure to go to the official website (links on this page). “he also asked me to please delete the email after i had read it. The circulation also starts the process of harnesing the ubiquitous abundant energy, thus turning the device into an overunity. "explains magnet in fuelless motor". In addition, the energy produced by tesla coils also appears to violate our fundamental understanding of physics, as it can be transmitted between two boxes (faraday cages), does not weaken over distance, and can continue operating devices for a period of time, even after the power source has been removed. Although you can actually buy some small portable versions you’ll never find anything capable of powering a whole house. Always been the karma, but the dharma of the righteousness one also.

Scientists now know that "empty" space seeths with waht are called. The information in secret in the name of.

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If naudin's lamps were placed in reflectors, would they not appear as bright as these pictured above. More first magnet sequences and stator one or more second. A magnet whose field can move, even though the magnet stays still. This is something that the people who talk about the magnetic generator scam just don’t seem to understand. I have advanced a theory of the cosmic rays and at every step of my investigations i have found it completely justified. Of colorado's aspen institute for advanced studies started by. But, overunitygeneratorteam simple overunity generator guide exhibits a tremendous opportunity, and he reveals some secret demonstration of how tesla’s patented “free power device” can help you reduce the charges of the electricity bill by almost 87% overnight. Both came to my attention again last month when i was at the tesla 150-year congress in germany. Field of said induction coil when said induction coil is.

Overunity com 14617 russian overunity resonance transfor. Both patents (figuera and hogan & jakovlewich) share the same principle, and both patent are representing an overunity generator withoudt dragging. The nationalist darren is "sure'. On the hand right side the meter shows the generator's reactive power out put. Recently john has disclosed a tesla switch solar charger, this can be used on the motors also. Gag order, so that he could not even tell the press that his n machine. Vds as well, which he named “electromagnetotoroids. Most newbs or otherwise uninitiated are fooled by this, claiming a battery charging effect by getting only to the rise in voltage portion of the discharge curve. Overunity generator guide will reveal for the first time the video demonstration of how tesla’s patented “free power device” can help you slash your electric bill almost overnight. "molecular antenna" to release energy from space.

But the possibility is still there. "those that believe 100% re is possible, should try it at home: disconnect from the grid and buy enough panels and batteries.  this does not mean we are a “trump supporter” but it’s important to understand why he’s been vilified. His resistance was defeated with a simple. It’s completely fake in most cases, though perhaps not for all networks all the time.   it is what causes young science fiction fans to grow up into scientists that challenge conventional thinking and chase the cool gadgets the sci-fi visionaries dreamed.

Overunity Generator Guide

My qfe generators produce quantum free energy without fuel or any primary energy source. The electric loop free energy generator topology is suitable for building the low to medium power overunity device. I feel for those of us who are asking questions of you it is only right for us to stand up and support your cause by donating to the starburst foundation in which i have just made a donation. Motor would not be overunity because the tangential field is. So if you really are concerned about the heavy electricity bills coming every month, take a chance with “overunity generator guide” and see the difference yourself. You have a full two months to thoroughly soak. If you wish to know about overunity generator then you need to go through the overunity generator guide since there is not much information available on the same. Absolutely every means available is used to maintain.

If someone comes in and figures out how to get it to work better, that would be great. You can build it yourself. Whose negative resistor we discuss later. South, and you rotate it around an axis going through it from. Personal purposes by taking the snap out the end to show others. So, induced electric current is generated with or without voltage in the interconnection links of electromagnetic field-generating devices, depending on the connection method of the electrical circuit of the electron-trap. Since that time, callum coats has.

Paramahamsa tewari (top) and the generator: futuristic fantasy. Overunity generator guide blueprints people who care about most of the people who live on an average often prefer to be free from the use of gas and fuel types that generate energy resources for many people through power. The person thinks so illigically and doesnt seem to realize that his whole vision and consept doesn't even qualify as perpetual motion. He points out that a. With the big pulley attached, and you take power out from the motor-(generator).  you can see the device in the video above. Artificially goes into a device, and compare this input energy against the output energy, plus any wasted heat energy the device puts out, the total amount will always equal out (energy in will equal energy out).

 more will be written about this thruster in a separate posting. This is not meant as a criticism of springs as an energy storage medium, just as an example with real life numbers to get a feel for what is possible, and how much energy/work that involves. Say we assume efficiencies for each at 95%.

Overunity Generator Diagram
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The sum of those two fields is thus also changing and so it can induce...

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Kenny, "motionless electromagnetic generator," u. Usage of electromagnets and the inductive spike;. This revelation came...

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The system permissibly outputs 3 to 4 times the useful energy and work as the energy furnished by...